Before I started my business I was not a morning person at all. I loved staying up as late as possible and I would get up with barely enough time to not be late for work. 

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Things gradually changed when I realized I was responsible for everything.  I no longer had a steady paycheck and if I didn’t focus and hustle hard especially that first year I could lose it all.

I started getting up a little early, then a lot earlier. Now my favorite time to get it ups 4 am! I know this may sound harsh and pretty much insane to many. But you don’t get as much done if you work let’s say until 2 am as opposed to getting up refreshed at 4 am. 

As an entrepreneur sleep is more important than to the person that works a standard 9-5. We tend to have more stress and our days are more hectic so we need to make sure we get adequate rest. So in order to get up at 4 am you must be in bed by at least 9 pm so you can get 7 hours of sleep.

So how do you get up 4 am or 5 am motivated? 

Here are 5 steps:

1) Make a checklist. 

If you want to learn in more detail of how I make my lists listen to my podcast the episode is “How my Morning Routine Saved my Life.” I have a set morning routine checklist that I laminated and I keep next to my bathroom mirror. So when I get up I know I will get things done and not just waste time doing nothing.

2) Do something you love to do that you never have time during the day.

I find it therapeutic to work on my art journal or my bullet journal but I never seemed to have time to do this. I have now and allow time each morning to do this. Doing something that I love to do helps me wake up motivated. 

If there’s a hobby that you never have time to do that helps you destress, incorporated in your morning routine. Give yourself let’s say 30 minutes to play your guitar, or knit that scarf. This will make all the difference since as entrepreneurs we tend to put our personal needs last.

3) Read.

The morning is the best time to read, your mind is clear, it’s quiet and it’s still dark. Make a nice cup of tea or coffee and sit in a comfortable chair and read books that will enrich your mind. Yes, you can listen to audiobooks during the day or podcasts but there’s nothing like reading a book.

 It’s like exercise for your brain. It keeps you sharp and makes your mind more resilient. When you read is just like lifting weights. By reading your exercising your muscles and the more exercise it the more it grows. 

4) Exercise.

Talking about exercise, the first to go for many entrepreneurs is exercise. With the long days and late hours that many new business owners tend to work, taking care of their bodies go to the back burner. Morning is the best time to get your body moving. 

But it can’t be something your dread or it won’t be motivating. I love Yoga, it’s a way for me to get stretches, resistance training, and a peaceful mind all in one session. 

Maybe you like to dance, you can try doing a Zumba class, you can find free ones on YouTube. Once you see your Adreladine pumping after a dance session it will keep you motivated every morning to get your dance on. 

5) Work on goal setting.

I like to use the morning to plan my long and short term goals. to see where things are headed and shift things around that are not working. Once you start seeing results from your morning goal-setting sessions you will be so motivated to get up in the mornings and do your planning. 

6) Review past goals that you did not complete.

Just because you didn’t complete a goal last month it doesn’t mean you can’t go back and complete. Or even go back and do a part of it. It’s ok to start a goal in January and finish it in June. What’s better to take 6 months to finish something or never finish? I rest my case. Reviews your past goals and make plans to complete them in your morning routine.

7 ) Keep a Gratitude Journal.

This is the most important thing you can do in the mornings. As a business owner is very easy to fall into negativity, not see the light at the end of the tunnel or live in a roller coaster of ups and downs. But counting your blessings, seeing the good in your life on a daily basis you are opening the doors for more good to come to you. Listing what you are grateful daily will help you attract more of those good things and keep you in a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

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