Self-confidence is one of those things that some people think that either you have it or you Don’t. And that’s not the case at all. Self-confidence or self-esteem is a skill that you can develop. 

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Here are 5 ways to start building your self-confidence starting today:

1) Affirmations.

Do affirmations. Words are very powerful and what you say to yourself on a daily basis has more influence on you than you think. 

People think affirmations are just a list of words of sentences you say to yourself while you are looking at yourself in the mirror. And yes, it’s a good thing to do that.

 But the type of affirmations I’m referring to is not just that. 

You need to affirm positive things about yourself all day long. Our minds are wandering all day, and without realizing it, we may be putting ourselves verbally as well as mentally. 

When we make a mistake, drop something, forget a task, saying little things to ourselves such as “you are such a klutz” does not help our self-esteem. At the contrary, it keeps it at a very low level. 

Watch what you say to yourself all day long, when you catch your mind thinking negative thoughts about anything you do, immediately say the opposite. If you think you are being stupid, say, “I am a very smart resourceful person” Also, you press and imaginary Delete button like the one in your computer to delete that negative thought. 

2) Focus on others, not just yourself.

One of the reasons many people have low self-esteem is because they focus too much on themselves. When you put your energy on other people by helping others and giving compliments to others, your self-confidence grows. 

When you help others, you will get thanked, praised, and more. This will make you feel useful and valued, which, in turn, raises your self-esteem. 

Also, give sincere compliments to others. When you get out of yourself to notice the good in others and make it known to them, it gives you a boost.

 First of all, you will be raising the self-confidence of the person you give the compliment, and by doing so, the gratitude that a person expresses to you will make your self-esteem grown as well. 

It’s a win-win, so always give honest compliments to others. 

3) Eliminate negative people from your life.

This one is a tough one since negative people are everywhere. Negative people can be co-workers, clients, neighbors, and even family members. 

The things is that if you keep associating yourself with negative people, it will not let you your self-confidence grow. 

It may hard letting go of that childhood friend or not associated with a co-worker or even letting go of a client that pays you. But if you want to grow your self-confidence, you will need to do just that.

You can do it gradually, by making your conversations short, saying you are busy and not responding to that person’s texts or calls. 

4) Accept yourself with all your flaws. 

This step is what raised my self-esteem and confidence to the highest level. I always found these little flaws in myself that I never accepted. Somewhere the way I acted others where physical. 

They held me back. When I decided one day that this is who I was, the good and the bad my life changed. 

I was afraid to put myself out there; I was scared to do videos afraid of how I would sound or look, but then I said to myself, “you know what,” so what if I don’t always sound perfect or look perfect? I have a lot to offer the world, and it’s a disservice for me not to do this.

The same thing happened when I used to set up in-person client meetings. When I had a job, I always felt I had to take someone to meetings. I didn’t have the confidence to go alone and lead meetings. 

One day I said I can’t keep relying on others to make my destiny I am going to start going on these meetings alone. Did I screw up? Absolutely! I stumble on my words, sometimes I said the wrong things, but I got better and better. 

Now I can me with large corporations with C level officers and I don’t care if I’ don’t sound perfect. My confidence carries me through. When you are confident, others have confidence in you. 

5) Do something good for your body daily.

When you take care of your body, you are showing your subconscious that you are important and respect yourself. 

When you don’t exercise, eat junk food all the time you are putting a message out that you are not important to yourself, and this lowers your self-confidence. 

Do something good for you every single day. Whether it is cutting down on unhealthy foods, going for a walk, doing some squats, and core exercise, even for 15 minutes, this will make a big difference.

Confidence starts with you. When you start valuing yourself and respecting your body, you will feel good about yourself, which in turn will grow your self-confidence. 

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