As an entrepreneur being healthy both mentally and physically is important to succeed. I follow my habits with no pressure, if I mess up I pick up where I left off. 

In this video, I go over in-depth on how these 8 steps have helped me as I put together habit trackers to continue to keep on track.

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Meditate Every Day

Mental clarity

Help with anxiety 

Makes you be calmer

Use guided meditation

Exercise Daily

Put your exercise clothes were they are visible 

Do Yoga at Home with an App

Have a Stationary Bike in your Room or By a TV

Use your Body for Weight Bearing Exercises

Listen to Relaxing Music While Working

It helps you concentrate more

It helps tune out distraction

Read Daily

I make it easy for me to read. I have the kindle app on my phone and iPad and I also have a kindle. 

I read while I eat if I’m alone

I read when I take coffee breaks

3. I read before going to bed

Network Daily

I contact at least 10 people a day 

Because of these contacts, I get new clients, collaborations, new business and more

I contact by either email, text or phone call

I especially use the holidays to check-in

I ask very influential people in my area out for lunch

Eat Healthy Every Day

Instead of exercising will power I don’t keep bad foods at home

Keep only healthy foods and your body will start craving these type of foods 

I take vitamins daily to cover any nutrients I miss

I use a tracker to make sure I’m drinking enough water daily

Write In A Gratitude Journal Daily

I start my day listing all the things I’m thankful for 

Focus on what you have not what you don’t have

I also give thanks for the things I want as if I had them already 

Celebrate your wins!

Make a big deal of any of the wins you have. It will program your brain that you are a successful person and achieve your goals

If for example you are on a diet and you didn’t lose weight that’s a win! Since you didn’t gain weight. By Celebrating that small win it will motivate further to lose weight the next month

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