I’m a Business owner

I started my business three years ago after fourteen years in the same job, I quit my job and I have not looked back ever since. Now I help other women achieve their dreams as well.

When I first transitioned from a job to managing my business, productivity and time management was one aspect I struggled with. Like many entrepreneurs, I had no boundaries between work and personal time. I was working day and night! I have created systems that ensure I get my work done but I also enjoy my life. 

Meet my Troy and Athena, my lovable Siberian Huskies ?

Cooking is one of my passions. There’s no better way to bond with friends and family than to have a meal together.

Adele Toral – My Story

I never planned to start a career in sales, and never dreamed of having my own business, but somehow, this is what I ended up doing. I didn’t know much about selling and I realized very quickly that no one was going to teach me either.

That’s when I went on a quest to crack the sales code. I read every sales and marketing book I could get my hands on, obsessively. I did most things on instinct; and it worked because I didn’t let go of the #1 sales position at my job for 14 years in a row.

Throughout my career, I was always asked to mentor and train others. Everyone wanted to know my secrets. Why was I able to get people to buy from me cold and how come my sales cycle was shorter than other salespeople.

In the last few years of my life as an employee, I was the Director of Sales, a position in which I hired and trained salespeople.

Three years ago, pretty much out of the blue, and without much of a plan, I decided to quit my job to start my own business. 

The business that I started was in the same technology industry I did at the job. I thought to myself, what would be different as a business owner? I thought it would be much better. 

Well, as a woman…not exactly.

Things are still hard for women in the real world; we are not respected as much and taken advantage of at other times.

I saw myself getting tougher, and I would say bitter, to get people to listen to me. I started attracting bad energy into my life, which made things even harder.

One of the reasons I was always successful and for so long at my job was because I always kept track of my thoughts, the words I used, and the people I surrounded myself with. I made sure I was always around positivity. 

The first year into my tech business TCI I started another business and, but this time, it was online, coaching and training salespeople and helping companies increase revenue, I have been doing this while also running my tech business. 

When it comes to online businesses, I feel women are taking over because we are nurturers, which is what you need to build online relationships. 

After getting back to my old self with my positive mindset and attracting good things back to my life, I decided to put this collaborative for women entrepreneurs together.

I felt that forming a group of like-minded woman that are hungry to succeed it’s the best way I can give back to the world. 


“Power is not given to you. You have to take it.”
Beyoncé Knowles

What My Clients Say About Me

She has more than once guided our nonprofit through the confusing straits of choosing a cost-effective telecommunications solution and has been there for us as we negotiated contracts, chose plans and went through transitions.

I wrote this book the last year I had a job and right before quitting my 9-5. 

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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