What are the habits of successful business owners? Are doing things out of habit a good thing or should we be more spontaneous as Entrepreneurs are perceived to be? The reality is that doing things out of habit can be either the secret to success.

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Habits provide you with the discipline to get things done; in particular, the not-so-fun stuff.

Many of the tasks business owners need to do are not exactly pleasurable. The only way to make sure things get done and to include them in your day to day is to go on autopilot.

Doing those hard to do tasks out of habit gives you a leg up in achieving your goals. I mostly work from home, and if I don’t set routines around all the tasks I need to do, I can easily get sidetracked.

These are the habits I have observed in the past two decades that successful business owners have.

Habit #1 – They get up early.

And earlier than you think. Anytime between 4 am to 6 am. I know some of you are cringing of the thought of getting up this early. I am not embarrassed to say that on weekdays I get up at 4 am!

I was never a morning person before starting my business, I was a night owl, that loved to go to bed past midnight and sleeping until later.

I quickly realized that starting my workday late, I was not productive, and my to-do list never seemed to go down.

When I start my day early, I take better care of myself. I’m able to do things such as meditation and yoga, and I do priority tasks without any distractions.

Early in the morning, your mind is clear, and it’s an excellent time for visioning. Putting your thoughts and ideas on a journal and doing long term planning is something most entrepreneurs put off because of lack of time.

Habit #2 –Successful business owners know how to prioritize.

Standard ‘to do’ lists are fine for people that are not handling a lot of responsibilities, which is usually never the case for a business owner. I am guilty of trying every ‘to do’ system under the sun.

I tried all sorts of phone apps, pretty planners, and sophisticated software to manage my tasks. Yet no app or planner could help me with how scattered my lists were. It always seemed that I wasn’t finishing anything of value.

This all changed when I learned to prioritize my tasks. Instead of listing 20 to-dos for the day, I now list 3 or 4 high priority, high-value tasks, and I’m able to get more done.

Habit #3 – They finish things.

This one seems obvious, but it’s something that many of us are guilty of not doing. Not finishing tasks is a bad habit, and it’s a quick way to kill productivity. 

When we start a task of any kind, and we do 50%, 75%, or even 95% of that task and stop. We are programming our subconscious mind that it’s ok not to finish a project.

Soon this habit will spill to your personal life, and you will not be able to finish other things such as exercising, not cheating on your diet, etc.

Successful business owners make it a habit to finish whatever they are doing before moving to the next thing. They will mute their phones, turn off social media, and anything that can interrupt them.


Habit #4 – They do one thing at a time.

Most of us think of an entrepreneur as a type-A personality, multitasking, and getting a bunch of things done at once.

Yet this is not a habit of successful business owners. They tend to very focused and single-minded when it comes to working on important tasks.

They have the habit of locking their doors, working out a coffee shop, or even getting a hotel so they can focus on that one task until it’s finished.

Habit #5 – They read.

I am yet to meet anyone successful that does not read or listens to audiobooks. The more a business owner is successful, the more they read.

They understand that if they stop learning and improving themselves, they will be left behind.

Habit #6 – They are good with finances.

Successful business owners have the habit of questioning any expense, and they don’t make major purchases without thinking it through carefully.

They know that they can lose everything if finances are not managed correctly.

Habit #7- They set goals.

But not just any goals. They put down on paper their major goals, then they list all the actionable steps that are needed to achieve those goals.

They don’t let their goals sit on a vision board. They roll up their sleeves and get to work to achieve those goals.

Now that you know the habits of successful business owners, it’s your turn to start setting up some habits. Download the guide and workbook to achieve your goals so you can get started creating awesome habits.

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