I decided to do a blog on my perfect morning routine and tell you how my routine saved my life. As an entrepreneur, especially as a woman entrepreneur, the first thing to go is yourself. Many business owners put self-care last. They neglect themselves, their body, and their mind. 

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I had to go through a scare before I changed the bad habits I had developed. I started getting very sick. One day I noticed my knee and ankle were swollen and took myself to the emergency room.

That first year in business, I stopped at the McDonalds drive-through three to four times a week! I didn’t watch my diet. I stopped exercising; it was awful. I kept thinking this will pass, and I’ll go back to my normal life when my business is settled. The thing is that your body doesn’t work that way.

 In order for it to function properly, you need to nourish it, exercise, and treat it with loving care, which I was obviously was not doing.

After my visit to the emergency room, I went to see a doctor. When the doctor set me up to meet with Rheumatologist, I had no idea why. I went home and did lots of research, and when I saw the horror stories of disabled people with this disease and the horrendous pain, they go through…

I said hell no!!! 

I never showed up at that appointment. That moment I change to a plant-based diet started doing yoga daily and meditation. (Disclaimer: these are my experiences I’m not suggesting you don’t go to a doctor if you are sick, always visit your doctor)

I’m not going to tell you that this road was easy. I was in lots of pain, but I was on a mission to heal my gut, which I read is the culprit of chronic diseases.

Fast forward to today. And I’m doing cardio, hiking and lifting weights. It was not an easy road; it took me a year to cure myself naturally. 

And to tell you the truth, I don’t care if my business sinks as long as my body is healthy.

Is this something you want to go through? I didn’t think so…avoid it. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. 

Having a set morning routine will help you have a more productive day. I tried to wing my morning routine, and that didn’t work. So I created a checklist with my routine on a piece of paper. 

 I ran the paper through my laminator, and I used push pins to put it right next to my bathroom mirror. I use whiteboard markers to check off each step I complete. 

I’m a very competitive person, and if I see a checklist, especially one that’s big and visible, it will set my internal clock on a race to complete the tasks. 

My checklist looks like this.

Splash ice cold water on my face. It finishes waking me up, and it gives me a rush of energy to get things going. 

Make my bed and tidy up my room. It helps me start the day with no clutter in sight. 

Yoga. Doing at least 10 minutes of stretches gets your circulation first thing in the morning.

Meditation and prayers. Since the body is rested and the mind is still, meditation and yoga are good things to do in the morning 

I then like to make a cappuccino and work on my Bullet Journal. Mornings are great for using your planners and journals. I like to go over my day, my goals, and my vision for my business. 

My next step is to sit in my recliner and read for 30 minutes. Reading has been a big part of my success and I always make sure I get at least an hour of reading daily. Getting that head start in the morning gives me the inspiration to read more throughout the day.

While I’m reading, I put on the heaters in my sunroom where I have my gym, and I do 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights. I do this every other day. On alternate days, I do a full session of yoga instead fo the 10 minutes when I first get up. I have a great app to do this at home.

Once I’m done with my “me” time. I take care of my 2 Siberian Huskies (my fur babies) and get ready for a focused, productive workday. 

Troy & Athena my Siberian Huskies

I may be able to get more done in the morning because I work from home. If you have a job, you can still set up a morning routine by shortening the time you spend on each task. 

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