Many times to get new clients and customers, you have to show the world that you are an expert on what you are selling. This is especially true if you provide a service. Many people shy away from starting an online business because they think they are not good enough in any field.

Maybe you are still in school, or you haven’t been in the job market long enough. It doesn’t matter the background you come from; there are ways that you can show your audience that, in fact, you have expertise.

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Here are 5 Tip to Get started Being an Expert

#1 Give your services for free

Some people are reluctant to give their services for free when they first get started. They feel that if they are going to put work out, they should get paid something! The thing is that when you don’t have a track record, most people are not willing to invest in you.

When I got started I sales, I would call companies and set up introductory calls. I would provide free presentations of the latest technologies by doing this, I got better and better at presenting, and people trusted me more and more. Eventually, they started buying from me.

To find people join online groups and forums and answer people’s questions and offer your help when it’s appropriate. Check your local communities, churches, libraries, etc. 

Keep in mind that the purpose of giving your services for free is to gain experience, recognition and get your name out in the world.

#2 Showcase any Reviews and Commendations

People want to know your credentials before they invest in you. It’s a catch 22, you may say. You still don’t have a client or customers, so how are you to get reviews and commendations.

For starters in tip #1, when you are giving your free services, always ask for a review or testimonial. This is why you will providing your services for free so that you can get exposure.

Dig into any commendations you’ve ever had. Maybe you were on top of your class in a class that directly correlates to your business. Or perhaps you got an email or social media post commanding in you for something. I’m sure if you did enough, you’d find something.

You can ask for a testimonial at the start of the job or the end. To ask in the front end, say that if they like your work, you would greatly appreciate it if they write a review, provide a testimonial or commendation. Or you can wait until the end when they tell you that they like the job.

I recommend you do it at the front end to ensure people are aware that there’s a reason you are giving your work for free.

#3 Read Books About Your Industry and Niche

The more you read about a topic, the more natural you will sound when you talk about that topic. People will perceive as an expert if you can easily flow through a conversation or answer posts and emails with confidence.

Give yourself a quota of how much you will read daily. If you take public transportation daily read while you travel. Even if you read for 15 minutes a day, 7 days a week, 352 days a week, that adds up to 88 hours a year of reading.

#4 Take Courses

Sometimes just reading is not enough. You may the guidance of a real expert that has been there and done. By learning from a real expert, you will fast track the road of you becoming an expert as well. This is where The Women Entrepreneurs Collaborative Can help.

#5 join Support Groups

Joining a community of like-minded people that you can bounce ideas, get support when you are down, and to not feel so alone in your journey. By being in a group, it will help you feel accountable and stick to your goals as you see others advancing and going through their own journeys.

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