As I am putting together my future log in my bullet journal I found it fitting to go over how I manifest financial success. I manifest success into my life with 3 easy to follow steps.

I have been using these techniques for years and it has helped me achieve the salesperson of the year award for 13 years in a row. And it has helped me succeed in my business for the last 3 years since I quit my job.

I hope these techniques help you as well!

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Do Affirmations

  • Create an affirmation journal and write down daily different variations of the same affirmation you want to achieve.
  • Put post-it notes in key places in your house with these affirmations. Such as your refrigerator and bathroom mirror.
  • Repeat your affirmations before going to sleep
  • Say your affirmations while looking at yourself in the mirror

Create a Mantra 

  • Write down a paragraph of what you want to achieve that you feel comfortable saying it over and over 
  • Chant your mantra at least twice a day. Put a timer for 5 minutes for each session
  • Repeat your mantra in your mind while you are doing chores, driving and out running errands 

Create a Vision Board

  • Do a spread in your bullet journal and add your affirmations and mantra
  • Get a 16×20 picture frame and hang it in a wall that you get to see many times a day. I USE THIS ONE
  • Add pictures of exactly what you want to achieve 
  • Look for images in Pinterest or magazines

Act As If You Have Achieved Your Goal. The More You Believe the More you Will Achieve.  

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