One of the most pressing challenges a business owner has is getting new clients. Especially this day and age when selling has been turned upside down because of the Internet.

When you follow the strategies I list in this post you will be helping others get what they need. You will sell more, your clients won’t have buyer’s remorse, which will equate to less or no refunds and more repeat business.

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The same way I didn’t plan to quit my job to start my business, I also never dreamed of being a salesperson, let alone The Director of Sales. I fell into sales by accident.

I started at the bottom, and I had no idea what to do.  

One thing I did realize right away was that I was not going to do what all the other salespeople were doing.

And that was using sleazy high-pressure sales tactics to make people buy.

I decided to call decision-makers of the products I was selling, and It turned out I was saying the right things because I was getting about 5 to 6 new meetings a week.

Soon things started falling into place and my techniques started to produce results.

The other salespeople were all asking how I was getting so many meetings and closing so many sales! Soon I was surpassing all of them and hitting my quota every single month.

I decided I was going to help all my potential customers by giving them free information, meeting them just to introduce myself and being readily available so when they were ready to buy I would be the first person they would think about and contact.

And this worked!

There are no shortcuts when it comes to selling. When you approach your prospects without having their best interest in the forefront they will smell this a mile away.

Relationship selling barely existed when I got started. It was accepted to use high-pressure sales tactics.

I approached sales logically and I still do today. I always put myself in the other person’s shoes by asking myself questions.

Some of the questions I ask myself are: How would I react if someone tricked me into a sale, who are the people I buy from again and again.

I always ask myself these types of questions before putting together a presentation. writing sales copy or getting on a call with a prospect.

By always thinking in terms of others I quadrupled my sales.

Here are 5 of my strategies that will help you have a steady flow of new clients.

Strategy #1 – Before you open your mouth, or send an email to a potential customer, ask yourself first: “what is it in for them?” 

People are “me” centered. They always want to know that you are not going to waste their time and that you are going to provide them something of value. 


People have been burned by bad, selfish salespeople that want to shove their service or products down their throat. When prospects suspect that you are all about “what’s in it for you,” they are quick to hang up the phone, leave your website or unsubscribe from your list. 

Strategy #2 Be a good conversationalist.

We all have something in common; we love to talk about ourselves. We love to talk about what we like, what we’ve done, and what we need. And we love people that listen to us.

 One of the best books in history is Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” A must-read for anyone that sells services.

I can’t remember how many times I read this book, but I will tell you that for years, I read it almost every year. 

There’s a chapter where Dale Carnegie was at a dinner party and he met a botanist.

The botanist did all the talking and all Carnegie did was listen and ask questions. There was no doubt to the Botanist that Dale Carnegie cared and was interested in his conversation. This made him feel important and appreciated. 

At the end of the evening, the Botanist told the host that Dale Carnegie was the best conversationalist he ever met!

Always listen more than you speak and ask well thought out questions.

Strategy #3 Give value without expecting a return

Unless you are a name brand, most people don’t know who you are, and if they don’t know who you are, they are not going to trust you, and if they don’t trust you, they will not buy from you. 

People buy from people they like and trust. 


The way to earn other’s trust is by showing your expertise and giving what you know for free. These days it’s a lot easier to show your expertise with the internet. Back in the day, I would set up in-person meetings and do “free” presentations to educate my potential buyers. Most people thought I was crazy, and I was wasting my time.

Salespeople didn’t leave the office unless they had an actual lead. I called companies and asked for a meeting to introduce myself and educate them on the latest technologies. 

These days we build trust with a blog, a podcast, or videos. We have to show people what we have to offer. 

Once we have “proven” ourselves, then and only then will people buy our products or services. 

Strategy #4 Be consistent

Everything you do in business, you must be consistent to gain people’s trust. 

 If you decided to blog, determine if you will do it weekly, twice a week, or twice a month; whatever you choose to do, stick to the schedule. The same goes for podcasts, videos, and even social media posting. 

Some people go in a frantic race to put a bunch of content out than they burned out like a candle and stop.

Building trust is not a race; it’s a marathon. Like the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise was slow and steady, and he won the race!

Strategy #5 Don’t be afraid to ask for the Sale

You may think that this contradicts what I said about high-pressure selling but it doesn’t. We all know including your prospect that you need sales in order to keep your business alive.

Once you have given enough value most of your sales will have a natural progression and many of your prospects will be more than happy to buy and use your services. But you need to make the offer in order to ensure this happens.

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