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As I am drawing a key on my bullet journal on this video I thought it was fitting to talk about the key to success. How things go in your life depends on your belief and your mindset.  

It doesn’t matter how many journals or planners you fill out and how you try to control your outcome. If you have a limited belief mindset it’s unlikely that you will achieve your goals. You are better off focusing on changing your mindset first than getting on a hamster of trying to achieve your goals.

Here are some steps that can help you make your beliefs your reality.

Fake it Until You Make it

Act as if you have already received what you want. If your goal is to become more confident. Pretend you are confident and do the things you see other confident people do. Even if it seems fake, do it anyway! If you rarely smile practice smiling all the time. You will be surprised how that fake smile starts turning into a real smile. 

If you want to become the CEO of your own company. Read biographies of CEOS you admire and start acting the part. Dress better, start making decisions without caring if other’s agree or not. Start reading more books and so on

Imagine What You Want to Achieve

Take 5 or 10 minutes a day and sit in a comfortable chair. Relax and imagine you are doing exactly what you want to happen. Take a few minutes doing this.

In that same meditation imagine you go to someone you trust, whether it’s a best friend or parent and tell that person you achieved your goal. See the person you told about your achievement getting super happy and congratulating you. Thank see that person telling someone else that you also trust and see them getting so happy about your success. Keep seeing more and more people finding out about your success and congratulating you.

Start Making Changes in Your

Life to Make Room for Your

New Reality

If you want to start your own business start changing your schedule around to leave time for planning. If you want a new partner, start emptying some drawers and closet space for that person. The point is that start acting as if your goal has already happened.

If you start acting more positive and believe that you can achieve your goals you will be pleasantly surprised by how your goals will begin to become your reality. 

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